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Pricing Examples (Each Job different and priced

individually - These are examples only)


8x10 Litho Framed - Range $120 - $300

5X7 Litho Framed - Range $75 - $150


Wedding Sign - $75 - $150


Nativity Scene - $150 Unfinished

                             $200 Finished (single Color)


Prices subject to requested details and requirements

How Much Does it Cost?


There are many variables to establishing costing with this type of

process. These variables are dependant upon complexity of the

subject matter, size details and final finishing.


In the end, I find it boils down to time and material like so many

items. The more complex the subject, the more time it will take to

manipulate in the design and machine phase. The less the quality of

the starting point or photo, the same applies if there is a lot of

clean up required.

For the machining, there is tooling, and complexity within the cut

for the best outcome that can dictate longer run times.


Through the design process, these variables are captured and a time estimate for cut time is produced along with the 3d image of what it will look like after machining is completed.


Using this value along with an estimate for any finishing/framing and materials required provide the final cost estimate and this is what the quote will be based upon. Examples of estimates of recent jobsare provided to give a rough idea of how much this could cost.


Complexity Variables to inlfuance time estimates:


  • Drafting/drawing and complexity (many templates exist)

  • Photo cleanup and adjustments

  • Tooling requirments

  • Size of finished product

  • Material used/specified

  • Sanding/finishing

  • Frame design

  • shipping/handling


If the requested job is beyond the limitations of our capabilities there is no  cost obligation.

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