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The BCNC Story.

It all started with my wife Elaine and I taking part in craft shows. In seeing what sells, signs and salt and pepper shakers seemed like good ideas, but hey what about making our own. So along comes some equipment - a CNC table to be exact.


Whats in a name - My name is Bill Clark and I live outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. That is part of where the BC-NC comes from, but also the CNC part also explains what this site is all about.

I am a part time hobbiest utilizing a CNC to design and create interesting and unusual items.


We have the capability to cut items out of metal sheet, as well as converting over to a wood router to make interesting and unusual designs for sale.


One of the more popular items has been with the Corian lithophanes that start with a photgraph and when back lit has a 3d like affect that is unique. Please check out the examples in the gallery and contact us if you have any questions or would like to request a quote.

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